Investment strategy

We seek investments that offer a differentiated value proposition, where focused execution of a strategic plan positions the acquired asset to competitive advantage. This supports our core philosophy that enhanced operating results post-transaction is the engine to value creation.

Accordingly, we don't rely on financial leverage to drive superior returns; instead we focus on increasing cash flows.

Our target acquisition size is $10 million-$100 million. We invest primarily in Northern California. While we prefer control investments, we will consider co-investment and minority investment opportunities.

Real Estate

We acquire commercial, retail, and multi-family residential income-producing properties with value-added opportunities; we are interested as well in REO’s and other distressed real estate.

In general, we seek properties with inherent low-risk characteristics that, when combined with a value-added strategic plan, are positioned to deliver extraordinary risk-adjusted returns.

We have deep and varied operating experience, including hands-on involvement with the planning, entitlement, marketing, and strategic repositioning processes.

Properties best positioned to benefit from a value-added strategy typically have one or more characteristics: superior location, flexibility to convert to higher revenue uses, attractive tenant lease terms, and unique floor plates or building design.

Operating Companies

We seek to invest in middle market companies with a demonstrated history of free cash flows in the service, distribution, and consumer market segments. We will consider the technology sector where there is low risk to core product obsolescence.

We are attracted to companies with a differentiated value proposition that have the potential, with management’s focused execution post-closing, to drive sea change improvements in operating results.

Strategically desirable companies generally have one or more elements: a talented and ethical leadership team, proprietary technologies, product or process innovation, and/or low-cost production.

We believe people are the most undervalued asset in corporate America, and we enjoy partnering with talented management teams to develop winning strategies that enhance value for all company stakeholders.